Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Morning Commute

Ah the Monday morning commute.  Worse it is the Monday morning after the New Year started and I have had two long weekends in a row.  Remnants of the blizzard we had last weekend are left blocking parking spaces and I can not breathe out of my left nostril, Happy Monday!! This all didn't actually effect me all that much - I faced reality and was trudging along. 

7:07 - The train approaches the platform and I enter the train.  I take my normal stance on the subway by the pole near the seats (plot to attack for a seat).  I was in my own world when it was interrupted but this beeping noise - one piercing beep every 15 seconds.  "Where the hell is that coming from," I think to myself.  I spin my head around like an owl (I am so irritated, I am pretty sure my head did spin 360 degrees), trying to locate the source of the beeping. 

I find the culprit, it is a man playing a game on his cell phone.  I don't know about you but I think common courtesy would be to at least put the device on vibrate.  But no, my Monday morning commute is accompanied by the soundtrack of this man's beeping phone.  I stare at him hoping he can feel my eyes on him and he can read my mind.  That was a fail.  My blood pressure is now through the roof, but I will not allow myself to say anything.  The result is this Monday post.  Finally, the man exits the train a stop later and I find a cozy little seat.

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